Friday, February 5, 2010

John Ackerman's Recent Newsletter...

Normally I do not post newsletters, but in this case I wanted to show you what the newsletters are all about. If you currently do not get the newsletter, you can sign up for it on the website ( I do not share email addresses with anyone else, so privacy is not a concern.

Unity Breakfast
The Tazewell County Republican Party will be hosting a Unity Breakfast on February 13th starting at 8:00AM at the Ashland House in Morton. This will be a great opportunity to meet the Primary Election winners and for all of us to step-up and support our ticket in November!

Tazewell County Lincoln Day Event
The Tazewell County Republican Party has announced that the speaker for the 43rd Annual Lincoln Day Event will be Karl Rove! The event will be March 20th at 9:00AM at the Embassy Suites Ballroom in East Peoria and tickets are now on sale for $55.00. To get yours, call (309) 353-8467.

Tremont Marine Fundraiser
Just a quick update as far as the January 30th Marine Fundraiser in Tremont. Thank you to everyone who came out and joined us. I wish I could have had more time to visit with you, but I was very busy working what was a very successful fundraiser.

The Live Auction by my friends at Roth Auction Services out of Morton netted a little shy of $8000.00. I want to thank the many businesses and individuals that donated the many wonderful items we auctioned off. One really touching item was the first of the two American Flags that had been flown over the US Capital that had been donated by Congressman Aaron Schock. The final bid was $500.00 by R.A. Cullinan and Son Companies who purchased it to fly at their Tremont Offices in memory of an employee's son who lost his life in Iraq.

As far as the rest of the event, we ended up somewhere just shy of $14,000.00. This is great and I want to again thank each of you that participated in this excellent event. Central Illinois showed that we support our troops!!!

2010 Republican Primary Election, Tazewell County Results
I have a new link on the "Home Page" of the website that has the Precinct-by-Precinct and Township-by-Township breakdown of the 2010 Republican Primary Election here in Tazewell County for Governor, both 10th Judicial Court Openings, the County Treasurer and County Board District Three. I have also linked on my Facebook Page a site that has the County-by-County breakdown of the Governors Race.

I can tell you that Tazewell County and Central Illinois as a whole turned out big for Senator Bill Brady and that overwhelming support is what pushed him to Victory! Thank you to everyone who helped his campaign here in Tazewell County and now on to victory in November!

A special thanks to my good friend Mel Stanford, who is Bill Brady's Regional Coordinator for this area and who in the last few weeks of the election was really working overtime to get-out-the-vote in Central Illinois. His leadership not only here in Tazewell County but also in Woodford, McLean, Peoria, Logan, DeWitt, Macon and other locations was important to the Brady Campaign.

Website, Facebook and Blog Update
I wanted to give you a quick update on these tools. The website is still growing, averaging 11 visits a day. The most recent addition is the 2010 Republican Primary Election Results for Tazewell County (as was mentioned above).

The Facebook page has also continued to grow, with about 950 friends now. I have really liked the "immediate messaging" option Facebook has offered. It has allowed me the opportunity to get more messages out in less time. I have appreciated the ability to post links to materials I have found on the internet and photos from events more quickly. If you are on Facebook, friend me and join the group! The blog has been slower to grow, but has been moving along. Since it's introduction on December 8th, over 400 people have taken the opportunity to visit it.

With all three of these now up and running, you may start to notice some slight changes in what information is going out on what site. As I continue to work with these tools, I will start to get a better idea of what messages to send out and what information to post on what tool. That also counts towards changes with this newsletter, as in the future I will be trying to reduce the number of newsletters and make them more consolidated. This newsletter now reaches more than 1,200 people.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please feel free to let me know. I appreciate the opportunity to hear what you are wanting and looking for. These tools purpose is to assist me in my never ending goal of greater communication with my constituents and any advise you can give me on how to improve that process is always welcomed!

As always, I consider it an honor and a privilege to serve you on the Tazewell County Board and if I can be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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