Friday, February 12, 2010

Brad McMillan meets with Peoria County Republican Women regarding Illinois Fair Map Amendment

Brad McMillan, the Director of Bradley University's Institute for Principled leadership in Public Service spoke Wednesday at the Peoria County Republican Women's monthly luncheon. Brad spoke of the efforts underway in re-drawing state legislative districts through the Illinois Fair Map Amendment.

Brad emphasized the importance of this movement stating "The problem with Illinois Government is that the Legislators pick their voters instead of the voters picking their Legislators". In an article in the February, 2010 edition of Peoria Magazines, Brad wrote:

Under the current redistricting system, politicians, in secrecy behind closed doors, choose their own voters. In addition, if the political parties cannot agree on legislative maps (which they have not done over the past 30 years), then a Republican name and a Democratic name are placed in a hat and whichever party is drawn gets complete control of the map-drawing process. We are the only state in America that has this ludicrous winner-take-all lottery system. The results of this process are some of the most gerrymandered legislative districts in the country with 98 percent of incumbents being re-elected.

This is a citizen-driven movement to reform Illinois government. Brad is requesting help from citizens to circulate petitions. Click here to learn how you can get personally involved.

Thank you to the Peoria County Republican Women for their ongoing efforts in keeping voters informed of important issues facing our state and nation.


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