Friday, January 1, 2010

Illinois vs. New York

First off, Hello Everyone! And also, a huge thank you to Diane for inviting me to write on this blog!

First off, a little about me...after being a life long resident of Peoria (Hines Elementary, Washington Gifted, Woodruff High) I now reside in New York...on Long Island to be exact.

Since I've been out here, which is about 9 months now, I've noticed alot of similarities, and differences, between the two states.

For starters, we've all told someone we're from Illinois, and the first they ask say is, "Oh, how's Chicago?" I always find myself telling them that, believe it or not, there's more to Illinois than Chicago...and now I find myself telling people that there's more to New York than NYC.

Politically, the states are very similar as well. Nationwide, people tend to think of Illinois and New York as two of the most liberal states in the country. If you look at the trends tho, a majority of the states, land wise, are hard working people who enjoy conservative values. I seem to recall Illinois' chosen son saying something about clinging to guns and religion...but I could be mistaken.

Illinois and New York have large urban centers that pull the states to the left. They also are on par with each other in terms of government corruption, and have both lost governors in the recent past.

For the average person, Elliot Spitzer's fall from grace was more interesting, since it involved high priced hookers...but for a life long political junkie such as myself, the theatrics surrounding Rod Blagojevich was pure gold.

Illinois has become a laughing stock nationwide, all this while at a time when, politically, you would think we'd be flying high...a former Senator is president, and he hired just about everyone who ever worked with him in Chicago to work in his administration.

The Chicago Way is now the American Way, and it's costing us personal freedoms at an alarming pace. Between Senate votes on legislation that will make over 16% of the US economy taking place on holidays and in the middle of the night, cap and trade, card check, fairness doctrine...these are scary times for people who have ever read the Constitution.

2010 will be a landmark year in this country politically, and the GOP is poised to make large gains in both the House and the Senate, as well as in countless State House's and Governor's Mansions around the country.

Even in Illinois, who would have thought 18 months ago that a Republican would have a chance at winning the Senate seat once belonging to Barrack Obama. As an aside...I always thought that messiahs levitated...why would Obama even need a seat?

I strongly urge you to stay vigilant, and let's return to the grassroots organizations that swept Obama into office. In Central Illinois you are lucky to have a hardworking man representing you in Washington...Aaron Schock is one of the futures of the GOP, and is working hard for his district.

In closing...if you look at the polls, or nationwide sentiment, we are on the brink of a conservative uprising. People are fed up with big government, and it seems that the only change Barrack Obama has brought to DC is throwing trillions at problems, instead of mere billions. Get out there and make your voices heard...and if you're looking for a little light reading, there's an 18 page document called the Constitution that makes for a fantastic read!


Diane Vespa said...

Wow! Lucas. I just sensed you would be a phenomenal writer from our Facebook encounters. Awesome article - so accurate. You have articulated the GOP frustrations to a "Tee". Thank you for the post, and I look forward to hearing much more from you!

Greg Hansen said...

Not much of a comparison between the two states as it is a negative jab at Obama....
How very tyically Republican.

As a former New Yorker, now living miserably in Illinois, I'd love to make true interstate comparisons sometime....

Diane Vespa said...

Greg - don't shoot the messenger ;-)

Anonymous said...

Obama is not the Messiah. In Biblical terms, he's more of the Pharoah. Worshiped as a false god. His worshipers will be punished by the real God in time.

Lucas Woith said...

Thank you, Diane for the comment!

As I said in the post, if you look at the sentiments of people living in NY and IL, they are similar. Once you get outside of Chicago or NYC, a majority of people vote Republican, and are more fiscally conservative.

Both states are represented by a Senator who is woefully out of touch with his constituents (Schumer and Durbin) as well as a Senator who is woefully inept (Burris and Gellibrand)

They also feature two of the most outspoken, racially divisive Congressmen in the country in Bobby Rush and Charlie "rent control" Rangel.

There is major corruption at state government levels, and local governments seem to be against development.

Here on Long Island, there are two developments that would help their respective areas a huge amount, but are facing an uphill battle, much like the Peoria Civic Center and Peoria Riverfront Museum did (the Museum of course still is)

The Lighthouse project in Hempstead, NY would get rid of the Nassau Coliseum (home of the NHL's NY Islanders, and one of the worst arenas I've ever been in...and I've been to the Toledo Sports Arena)

Islanders owner Charles Wang is willing to invest hundreds of millions into a complex that will include residential, hotels, shopping, and entertainment.

The town of Hempstead has held up the project for years, forcing Mr. Wang to threaten to move the Islanders, taking away Long Island's only pro sports team.

Also, in Stony Brook, NY, Stony Brook University is attempting to build a hotel on their property, which will help friends and families of the 22,000 plus students at the University, as well as families of patients at their world class hospital.

The state has stepped in and tried to block this project at every level...luckily it's progressing nicely, and should have ground broken soon!

shiftty said...

You are overestimating the "majority of the states, land wise, are hard working people who enjoy conservative values."

Illinois voting by county in 2008 election:,_2008.svg

Same for NY:,_2008.svg

In neither case can you argue a majority of the state outside the major urban centers is at odds with the voting.
Nonetheless, why this matters I still don't understand. It's common knowledge that urban areas typically vote for liberal, progressive policy and the rural areas for conservative policy. It's the basis for per capita state representation and a cornerstone of our democracy.

"We are on the brink of a conservative uprising"
Haha, good luck with that. Even Beck is tired of the tea-party/9/12 BS.

I look forward to more of your rambling hyperbole.

On the bright side, Go Washington Class of '96!

Lucas Woith said... much as Liberals try and say that Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh speak for the entire GOP...alas they do not.

When I say conservative uprising, I'm not talking about tea parties, or anything like that.

Barrack Obama misread his election last year as a dramatic shift in the ideals of this country. America is a center-right country, as shown by countless polls.

In 2010, and hopefully in the future, we will vote out some of the liberal dems from the House and Senate, and start to get some real work done.

Harry Reid and Chris Dodd are in trouble, and the seats formerly belonging to Barrack Obama and Joe Biden are tossups...with some people having them as leaning Republican.

Even Nancy Pelosi has said she expects to lose 20-40 seats in the house next year...losing 40 would put Republicans in control.

Of course, alot can happen before November...but as of right now, things are looking decent for the GOP and conservatives nationwide

shiftty said...

So what exactly is this "conservative uprising" you speak of, then? If anything, the period between 2000-2008 would perhaps count as a conservative uprising, at least in terms of voter turnout.

Please show these "countless polls" showing the US as a "center-right" country. Nixon's "silent majority" is a figment of conservative's imagination.

Pelosi didn't say she "expects" to lose 40 seats. She said they would accept losing 40 seats if it meant passing health care reform.
I'm betting Repubs will pick up around 10-15, maximum.

HipKat said...

I disagreew ith one statement. Obama did not misread his election; Alot of the people who voted for him ,were expecting a miracle to happen overnight, and the anti-Obama crowd has used that as a focal point of their non-stop rhetoric....

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