Thursday, January 7, 2010

Governor candidate Billy Brady receives multiple endorsements

From an e-mail:

We, as Republican Precinct Committeemen and/or Elected Leaders of Tazewell County, are supporting Illinois State Senator Bill Brady of Bloomington for Governor of the State of Illinois and ask that you too cast your vote for Senator Bill Brady in the Republican Primary on February 2nd.

Senator Brady represents a large section of Tazewell County and it has been in that role that we have come to find him to be a hardworking, honest, dependable Conservative leader. Senator Brady has done an excellent job of representing the citizens of Tazewell County in the State Senate and we look forward, with your help, to having him perform at the same level of excellence in the Governors Office.

It is time we bring pride and honor back to the Governor's Mansion with an individual we can all be proud of and we believe Senator Bill Brady is the best choice to do just that.

Melvin "Dutch" Stanford, Tazewell County Board Member, Mackinaw
Jan Donahue, Tazewell County Board Member, Pekin
Russ Crawford, Tazewell County Board Member, East Peoria
John C. Ackerman, Tazewell County Board Member, Washington
Dennis Conover, Tazewell County Coroner, Pekin
James Unsicker, Former Tazewell County Board Chairman, Morton
Don Gronewold, Washington
John Webb, Tremont
James Newman, Washington
Bob Hofmann, Deer Creek
Loren Toevs, East Peoria
Merlin Kiesewetter, Creve Coeur
Norman Geyer, Morton
Kenneth Aupperle, Morton
Kathryn Yontz, Delavan
Brian Heller, Washington
Paul Shields, Pekin
Max Hutton, East Peoria
Mary Burress, Pekin
Robert Burress, Pekin
Kay Grillot, Washington
John Moser, Tremont
Duane Nelson, Delavan
Kay Ruschau, Delavan
Robert Stanford, Mackinaw

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