Monday, December 14, 2009

Mike Unes announces candidacy for State Representative

From a press release:

East Peoria Councilman Mike Unes officially kicked off his campaign for State Representative of the 91st Illinois House District on Saturday.

Unes was introduced to the crowd by retired East Peoria Police Officer Charlie Morgan and East Peoria Mayor Dave Mingus. Morgan, a lifelong Democrat, regaled the hundreds of supporters gathered at the announcement hosted at the Embassy Suites Hotel, with his story of how he came to know Unes from his East Peoria City Council campaign. “This old Democrat studies every candidate before voting, and Mike Unes will earn your vote, as he did mine in 2007,” Morgan stated.

Mayor Mingus stated that he, “doesn’t always agree with Mike Unes politically, but he does appreciate his thoughtful study of issues and his ability to be collegial despite tough debates.”

Unes then took to the microphone to thank the speakers, the crowd, and to lay out his reasons for seeking this position. Unes said that he has, “profound disagreement with his [Mike Smith’s] priorities as a legislator. I cannot sit back any longer. I cannot sit idly-by while he continues to support a Speaker of the House and bad policies that are ruining our state.”

Unes stated that he also disagrees with Smith’s voting record on raising taxes; Unes stated, “I have voted against raising taxes on our people. Raising taxes is the easy way of solving every budget problem but is the wrong choice because it is a terrible burden on our taxpayers and leads to a loss of business and a loss of jobs. I take the approach to government budgeting the same way my wife, Natalie, and I do with our household budget--with four children—well considered prioritization and careful management.”

The last time the 91st District race was contested was in 2006. Many people remember the race taking a negative turn towards Election Day. Although Unes stated that he again expects this will be a top-tier race in 2010, he cast off any personal attacks on Smith, stating, “I want to be very clear, Mike Smith is a very nice person. I will not demonize or attack him personally in this campaign. But a campaign is the time for the people to review the performance of their government servants. And I intend to shed light on Representative Smith’s record in an accurate portrayal, which I believe has contributed greatly to the mess our state is in.”

The 91st House District includes parts of Tazewell, Fulton, and Peoria counties. Incumbent legislator Mike Smith is serving his 8th term in the Illinois House.

For further information regarding Mike's campaign for State Representative, please call Dan Pelphrey, Citizens for Unes, 309-472-8535 or visit


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