Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Brady Earns Endorsement of Legislative Colleagues

written by John C. Ackerman

Senator Bill Brady, Republican Candidate for Governor, was in Peoria today
(12/03/09) as part of a statewide announcement tour to tout the endorsements of 14 Republican Legislators. A good crowd of Peoria and Tazewell County residents greeted him at Byerly Aviation. Elected Officials joining him at this stop and declaring their endorsement were:

Assistant Senate Republican Leader Brad Burzynski of Clare, Illinois
Assistant Senate Republican Leader John O. Jones of Mt. Vernon, Illinois
State Representative Shane Cultra of Onarga, Illinois
State Representative David Reis of Willow Hill, Illinois
State Representative Keith Sommer of Morton, Illinois
City of Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis
Tazewell County Board Member Jan Donahue of Pekin, Illinois
Tazewell County Board Member Mel “Dutch” Stanford of Mackinaw, Illinois
Tazewell County Board Member John C. Ackerman of Washington, Illinois

From L-R; Darin LaHood, Peoria County Republican Chairman Rudy Lewis, Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Brady, Tazewell County Board Member John C. Ackerman, City of Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis and State Representative Keith Sommer

“Bill Brady has a proven track record of platform Republican principles and possesses the common sense and business experience we so desperately need in Springfield.” Said Representative David Reis of Willow Hill, Illinois. “It’s critical we return geographical and political balance to our state government, and I feel Senator Brady is best suited to lead this charge.”

“I have had the honor of serving with Bill in the Senate. I have found him to be a man of character, honesty and integrity,” said Senator Brad Burzynski, “Bill has earned my trust and would serve this state well as its governor.”

Senator John O. Jones said, “The State of Illinois needs to be run like a business, and Bill Brady is the candidate who can do that. His plan to restore fiscal discipline in Springfield and bring jobs back to Illinois will help Illinois businesses and working families throughout the state.”

“As a businessman, he knows how to meet a payroll and how to put Illinois back on its feet”, said Representative Rich Myers. “His experience, integrity, and leadership are what we need in the Governor’s Office in Springfield.”

Senator Brady also made stops in Marion, Champaign, Moline and Rockford today both before and after the stop in Peoria. He will be in Chicago on Friday.

“I am grateful to my colleagues in the General Assembly for their support for my campaign, because together we are working to make Illinois a great state once again”, said Brady. “As Governor, I will need them working by my side to build a New Illinois that ensures greater opportunity for all Illinoisans and a future promise and prosperity for our children and grandchildren.”

Legislators who have endorsed Brady are:

Senator Tim Bivins, Dixon
Assistant Senate Republican Leader Brad Burzynski, Clare
Assistant Senate Republican Leader John O. Jones, Mt Vernon
Assistant Senate Republican Leader David Luechtefeld, Okawville
Senator Dale Risinger, Peoria
Representative Mike Bost, Murphysboro
Representative John Cavaletto, Salem
Representative Shane Cultra, Onarga
Representative Bill Mitchell, Forysth
Representative Donald Moffitt, Gilson
Representative Rich Myers, Colchester
Representative David Reis, Willow Hill
Representative Keith Sommer, Morton
Assistant House Republican Leader Ron Stephens, Greenville


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