Friday, October 16, 2009


subject line should be sung to "I'm proud to be an American".

Dan Rutherford is a Republican candidate running unopposed for Illinois State Treasurer. Currently he is State Senator of the 53rd District. I have had the pleasure of meeting Dan on several occasions. Aside from an amiable personality, Dan has quite a compelling stump speech. He tells stories of meetings he has with heads of organizations throughout Chicago and the rest of the state - organizations that many would consider "left" leaning. He contacts them not only in the course of his senatorial duties but also to ask for their support in his campaign for Treasurer.

Dan tells the story of how repeatedly, during meetings with many of these leaders, they will undoubtedly at some point lean in to him quietly and say "You know, Dan, I'm actually a Republican". His pat reply has become: "You know (name of person here), you don't have to whisper anymore...". Of course die-hard Republicans love the story, cause we know what he's talking about. With afew exceptions, voters can be as finicky as fair-weather Cubs Fans.

Dan Rutherford speaks to campaign supporters at
Mona's in Toluca, IL, Marshall County

If Dan gets to your town, it really is a treat to meet him. He also stays in touch with his constituency via a Facebook fan page, and his website. Definitely a fun fellow to follow. Good luck, Dan!


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