Monday, August 10, 2009

What is more fun than a bus load of Republicans on a road trip?

Join Peoria County Republicans on August 20th for a trip to the Illinois State Fair in Springfield to find out! The Peoria County Republican Central committee is sponsoring a bus- trip to Springfield for Republican Day at the Illinois State Fair. The bus will leave from the Republican Headquarters at 8:30 AM. The price of $25. includes transportation, fair entrance fee, snacks on the trip, a picnic lunch at the fair and beverage.

From the Peoria County Republican Central Committee:

This is the season to learn who our candidates will be - they will all be available to us at this event. Take advantage of this great opportunity.

IF YOU ARE A MEMBER OF PCRCC OR PEORIA COUNTY REPUBLICAN WOMEN, THE PRICE IS ONLY $15.00. This is our version of a stimulus package! A portion of the cost of this event is being underwritten for members in order to make our presence known at Republican Day.

One huge advantage of going by bus is that we won't have to walk far to the Director's Lawn.

Reservations can be made on a first come - first serve basis. Stop by the Republican Headquarters at 8835 N. Knoxville Ave, Suite 8, Peoria, IL 61614 to reserve your spot. Questions can be addressed to PCRW President Carol Hornickle at 589-0966 or at the Republican Headquarters at 689-8467.

Children are welcome (or at least I hope they are) haha.


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