Friday, August 21, 2009

Republicans break bread at Illinois State Fair

In answer to the question I posed earlier regarding what is more fun than a bus load of Republicans on a road trip - I have the answer. Can't think of a thing! Our journey was a resounding success. Thank you to Carol Hornickle, President of Peoria County Republican Women and the entire PCRW and Peoria Republican Central Committee for providing the opportunity for an every day Schmo like myself to rub shoulders with state leaders of our party. What an outstanding line-up of candidates the GOP has to offer and not a moment to soon!

We departed the Repub Headquarters right on time at 8:30 AM. When I boarded our beautifully appointed Peoria Charter bus complete with restroom with our 2 young children in tow, I asked for a show of hands from anyone who wanted to sit next to my kids! Ha ha. Of course, they were welcomed with open arms.

After we arrived we had about 90 minutes to peruse the fairgrounds before the scheduled events began. During that time the kids milked a cow, saw some goats, sheep, pigs and horses, and checked out the Environmental exhibits.

We met back at the Republican tent for a picnic lunch compliments of State Treasurer candidate Judy Baar Topinka. A slate of supporters for just about every Gubernatorial and Senate candidate were present and the kids were in sticker Heaven. By the end of the day they were little self contained parades. Stickers, buttons, fans and other assorted parahenilia flowed freely at this event. It was quite a sight, and my little future GOP-ers felt right at home amidst the charged atmosphere.

We hob-knobbed with candidates and as you can see, several of our gals hold a special fondness for Senate Candidate John Arrington. John has shown the love to Central Illinois and we appreciate it!

There was a great deal of anticipation leading up to the introduction of the candidates, and pretty much the Who's Who of Illinois Republican politics was present, including House Republican leader Tom Cross, our own Aaron Schock, Andy McKenna who resigned yesterday as the Chairman of the GOP, and his designated replacement, Pat Brady.

Not surprisingly, and I may be just a teeny bit biased, the high point of the day was a rousing rally cry from Congressman Schock exposing the failures of the Democratic leadership in Illinois and the unfortunate consequences that have been thrust upon us. "Before I begin, can I please have a show of hands from anyone who is here against their will?" His point was clear. The crowd loved it!

Our final destination was a soiree hosted by State Treasurer candidate Dan Rutherford. Great guy, and thanks for the beer, Dan. Dan is running unopposed at the moment- every candidates dream!

As we prepared for our journey home we were given a final farewell from Senate candidate Mark Kirk and Treasurer Candidate Dan Rutherford, who bid our gang farewell from the front of the bus.

It was just a fabulous time, and the kids are already asking where we are going next. Ideas??? Post them here!

Monday, August 10, 2009

What is more fun than a bus load of Republicans on a road trip?

Join Peoria County Republicans on August 20th for a trip to the Illinois State Fair in Springfield to find out! The Peoria County Republican Central committee is sponsoring a bus- trip to Springfield for Republican Day at the Illinois State Fair. The bus will leave from the Republican Headquarters at 8:30 AM. The price of $25. includes transportation, fair entrance fee, snacks on the trip, a picnic lunch at the fair and beverage.

From the Peoria County Republican Central Committee:

This is the season to learn who our candidates will be - they will all be available to us at this event. Take advantage of this great opportunity.

IF YOU ARE A MEMBER OF PCRCC OR PEORIA COUNTY REPUBLICAN WOMEN, THE PRICE IS ONLY $15.00. This is our version of a stimulus package! A portion of the cost of this event is being underwritten for members in order to make our presence known at Republican Day.

One huge advantage of going by bus is that we won't have to walk far to the Director's Lawn.

Reservations can be made on a first come - first serve basis. Stop by the Republican Headquarters at 8835 N. Knoxville Ave, Suite 8, Peoria, IL 61614 to reserve your spot. Questions can be addressed to PCRW President Carol Hornickle at 589-0966 or at the Republican Headquarters at 689-8467.

Children are welcome (or at least I hope they are) haha.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


The Peoria 9-12 Project is hosting a:
Sept 17th, NOON
Peoria County Courthouse
324 Main St.
Peoria, IL 616102

On Sept 17th 1787, 42 our of 55 delegates to the constitutional convention held their final meeting. Only one item of business occupied the agenda that day, to sign the constitution of the United States.

Please, come join us and make your voice be heard. Whether your upset about the TARP, Stimulus bill, Cap and Trade, Socialized health care, gov. infringing on private businesses, or fed up with the political rhetoric/politicians b.s.,fight for that cause with your fellow AMERICANS!! Now is the time to unite and defend our FREEDOMS.

Please contact me with any questions.
Jody Pitcher RN, BSN
Peoria 9-12 Project
Chapter Organizer