Friday, July 10, 2009

Representative David Leitch wants YOUR help in balancing Illinois budget!

Please help stop Illinois Government waste! You can help house Republicans balance the budget WITHOUT raising taxes by posting your suggestions at this new website.

From a Press Release:

State Representative David Leitch seeks Taxpayer Input to “Reinvent” Illinois Government

Peoria, IL…State Representative David Leitch (R-Peoria) is asking taxpayers to visit the newly created website to submit ideas on how lawmakers can cut the state budget and what reforms are needed to reinvent state government.

“With Governor Quinn suggesting an income tax increase, it is more important than ever for the State to institute spending reforms,” said Rep. Leitch. “The House Republican Caucus has created a website looking for suggestions about where we can cut waste. Taxpayers are encouraged to visit the website and submit ideas they have about reforming state government and creating better fiscal responsibility.”

While Democrats who control state government continue to push for an increase in the state’s income tax, Rep. Leitch is advocating for budget cuts and fiscal reforms before a tax increase is considered and for reforms necessary to restore the business climate and fight corruption.

We must we enact meaningful reforms that address our current budget dilemma, and enact reforms to improve the long-term health and well-being of our state,” said Rep. Leitch.

Leitch said constituents often call his office to report examples of waste. The website will collect ideas so they can be shared with his colleagues in the Illinois General Assembly and the Governor.

“Families have to make cuts to their household budgets, so should the state,” he said.


Mike said...

I sent him there to figure it out...Before the freaking budget deadline passed!! Why is he only now asking for ideas? He's been there long enough to know where the waste is at!

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