Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Will Concealed Carry Play In Peoria?

Post by Atomic Lib Smasher

Even though this is more of a local story for me, it also might peak some interest nationwide. Peoria mayor Jim Ardis is doing something right by advocating for our city to become the anti-Chicago and allowing for law-abiding citizens to engage in their 2nd Amendment rights against the growing crime rate here.

In a PJ Star online poll, the majority of the city supports concealed carry in Peoria. Nationwide, even more Americans agree that the citizens do have a right to keep and bear arms.

I haven't a clue on why the liberals want law abiding citizens to become less and less readily available to defend themselves. If it were fully up to them, they would ban Super Soakers. But here (ala that hack David Letterman) is a 10 top reason for less gun control.

10. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.
9. Guns don't kill people, but they make the bullets go much faster to kill people with.
8. Criminals don't obey gun control laws either.
7. Expecting criminals to care that they are breaking the law when carrying a concealed weapon is like expecting a terrorist to care if his car bomb is taking up two parking spaces.
6. For some reason, "gun free zones" seem to have the most gun deaths.
5. An armed society is a polite society. Manners would be important when your life depends on it.
4. Criminals love gun control laws. It makes their job safer.
3. Women are much safer against a rapist with a gun in their purse than a condom. (And chicks with guns are even hotter)
2. Would you rather be a gun owner or a victim?

And finally the number 1 reason for less gun control, is...

1. Buy a gun, piss off a liberal and support the Constitution.

I certainly hope concealed carry passes in Peoria. If so, rest assured that the high crime rate here would go down substantially.


Anonymous said...

if you your white man, it's already not safe to walk the streets at night in peoria, they going to kill ya anyway. And if give all guns, it going to worst

Diane Vespa said...

Great post, ALS. Our Mayor sure has a pair doesn't he? ;) It's a shame when opponants argue with emotion, as opposed to statistics. How can 48 other states be wrong? I'm going to put a gun control poll up on the sidebar.

COLVIN said...

I am afraid it will cause more trouble than it is worth.Imagine road rage with a gun available...trouble in the heat of the passion.I support our rights but kinda scary.

Anonymous said...

That "hot chick" with a gun is one of the hookers at the famous "Bunny Ranch". If that's you're idea of a hot chick, you'd be better off with a condom in your wallet.

Atomic Lib Smasher said...

Thanks Diane. I feel that for our city, it is of the utmost importance to level the playing field with the vermin that lurk in the shadows and prey on those who are unarmed. I mean, when you can;t even go GOLFING anymore because you're worried somebody is going to mug you? That's nuts.

And Anonymous... I know.. I grew up on the South Side and in the East Bluff. High areas for gang violence, drug running, burglary, muggings, etc. If we were armed, crime would go down. Otherwise, we might as well be Chicago Jr with a 14.1 per capita murder rate... just under Chicago by a point.

LVB said...

>I mean, when you can't even go GOLFING anymore because you're worried somebody is going to mug you? That's nuts.

1. I just went golfing and felt fine, as did the rest of the packed course. Glad we chose to live of lives instead of sitting home worrying.

2. Will a gun prevent a mugging?

3. If forced to use a weapon in a lethal manner, could you and would you? How would you know? You can't exactly practice taking human life. That's why pepper spray is so often preferred: you can readily incapacitate a person in a flash without moral qualms, but if forced to make the choice to end someone's life, don't you think there's a chance you could freeze up?

4. When the thug has a gun and you reach for yours, what do you think HE might do? Not trying to pull a gun might have save that golfer's life...

I do have experience with weapons and support the 2nd amendment. But I don't think concealed carry is necessarily a good idea. Even if they pass the law, my wife and I will stick with our police-grade pepper spray. If, God forbid, the need to use it presents itself, I believe we'd be better off.

Anonymous said...

Guns are already available to anyone that is legally able to obtain one, and open carry is legally allowed in the state of Arizona minus a few of the Indian reservations. Concealed carry would make for a safer society because if the majority of the population is armed, there are likely to be fewer crimes committed due to the potential offender knowing that majority of the population is armed. I myself carry a pistol with me. Not because it makes me feel "all big and strong" or anything like that. I carry a pistol so that if and when the rare occasion occurs where my life is possibly in jeopardy, I can defend myself.

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