Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Will Concealed Carry Play In Peoria?

Post by Atomic Lib Smasher

Even though this is more of a local story for me, it also might peak some interest nationwide. Peoria mayor Jim Ardis is doing something right by advocating for our city to become the anti-Chicago and allowing for law-abiding citizens to engage in their 2nd Amendment rights against the growing crime rate here.

In a PJ Star online poll, the majority of the city supports concealed carry in Peoria. Nationwide, even more Americans agree that the citizens do have a right to keep and bear arms.

I haven't a clue on why the liberals want law abiding citizens to become less and less readily available to defend themselves. If it were fully up to them, they would ban Super Soakers. But here (ala that hack David Letterman) is a 10 top reason for less gun control.

10. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.
9. Guns don't kill people, but they make the bullets go much faster to kill people with.
8. Criminals don't obey gun control laws either.
7. Expecting criminals to care that they are breaking the law when carrying a concealed weapon is like expecting a terrorist to care if his car bomb is taking up two parking spaces.
6. For some reason, "gun free zones" seem to have the most gun deaths.
5. An armed society is a polite society. Manners would be important when your life depends on it.
4. Criminals love gun control laws. It makes their job safer.
3. Women are much safer against a rapist with a gun in their purse than a condom. (And chicks with guns are even hotter)
2. Would you rather be a gun owner or a victim?

And finally the number 1 reason for less gun control, is...

1. Buy a gun, piss off a liberal and support the Constitution.

I certainly hope concealed carry passes in Peoria. If so, rest assured that the high crime rate here would go down substantially.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We take our freedom for granted

Check out these photos of Iranian citizens risking their lives and flooding the streets to protest a scourge upon their freedom - a suspected fraudulent election.

These photos are heartbreaking. Men and women standing side by side, in defiance of a government ban to stand for the privilege of Democracy.

Contrast that with the behavior of the average American. I believe less than 20% bothered to cast their vote in an air-conditioned polling place in our last Peoria election.

It is only by the grace of God that we live the privileged and free life we do in the greatest country in the world. Let's not forget that. God bless America, and may God bless the Iranians.

Hat tip - Peoria Pundit

Saturday, June 13, 2009

It’s Can The Republicans Wake Up, Not Will They?

On Tuesday June 9th the Co-Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Jan Larimer, held a town hall meeting at the Embassy Suites in East Peoria, Il. Several 9-12’ers were in attendance hoping to see a new push from the GOP toward conservative values in line with those held by the 9-12 project.
The town hall meeting began with a moment of prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and a brief introduction by the Illinois State Chairperson of the RNC. The crowd of about 100 was made up of prominent local business owners, local city councilmen, county board members, State Representatives, and , most importantly, average citizens.
The hope among 9-12’ers was to hear a new message of a return to strong conservative principles by the GOP. Unfortunately, 9-12’ers and many others in attendance walked away more disheartened about the future of the conservative movement.
Larimer began with a brief statement informing the audience of her background, as well as the RNC’s new direction. In the opening statement she mentioned things like: a return to conservative values, not compromising our values, returning to the base of the Republican party, etc…
The crowd was noticeably enthused about these statements, but the thought in the back of everyone’s mind was, “How do we do this?”
Larimer went on to explain how Republicans need to become more tech savvy. They need to use Facebook, Myspace, and begin using Twitter and other forms of social networking to grow the base of conservatives in this country. Many agreed.
After answering the question of how to get the message out, it became clear very quickly, that she skipped over the most important thing. What is message the RNC wants to get out?
Several members of the audience tried to pin down exactly what the RNC stands for with piercing questions. The answers ranged from “A return to conservative values” to “working with our base” and other vague statements. As the audience members cut through the smoke, an energy began to resonate. You could feel the mood change among members, not just 9-12’ers.
At one point Larimer began to lecture on the point that the Republicans need to appeal to the moderates and independents. She said the GOP needs to focus on the Hispanic vote, the black vote, and came as close as possible to saying Republicans should shelf the more controversial social issues(Pro-life, anti-amnesty) in order to appease those offended by the conservative position on these topics.
It became pretty clear that while the RNC says they want to “hold true to their conservative values”, when it actually comes to doing it, they are still too scared of losing strategic voting groups to make a clear statement.
At one point Larimer began to speak of strategic areas of the country that the GOP needs to win elections. She talked about the Northeast and New England areas. She spoke of the problems the GOP had because of the liberal hold on these areas. She explained the urgency of winning elections in these areas at whatever cost. She said this was imperative the Republicans gaining power again.
After various audience members pleaded with her to stand strong as a conservative and others will follow, she kept with the argument, “we want to win don’t we?”
Win at all cost was the theme of the day. The audience was angry. The people were witnessing the RNC’s attempt to get back in power rather to get back to principles.
When leaving the town hall meeting it was depressing to think that after the tough elections Republicans faced in the fall, they still had not figured out that nominating one of the most progressive Republican Candidates in John McCain did not work.
The strategy of appealing to the moderates, and “reaching across the isle” did not work and can not work. Republicans should pay attention to the people at the town hall meetings. Stop thinking of this country as some sort of strategic map and start standing for something.
Citizens in the country need a clear alternative to the liberal agenda of the left. We need to get back to speaking to the individual and the rights of each individual instead of segmenting the population into focus groups, ethnic groups, and voting factions.
Speak to the individual and appeal to the God given rights within each of us, and people will follow. Unfortunately, at this point the RNC is not demonstrating that they are prepared to stand up for conservatives. Until they do, it is hard to trust that they are even capable of it. It seems their goal is to win the election at all cost.
9-12’ers believe it is better to lose an election standing hard for your principles than to win an election through compromise. Sending a compromising individual to Washington results in an individual that compromises the people in Washington.

Written by:
Jody Pitcher
Peoria 9-12 Project
Chapter Leader