Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Re-elect Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis!

Why? Because he rocks! Seriously, don't forget to ask all your friends and family to vote, too. Voter turnout is expected to be very low - somewhere around 15%. When the turnout is that low, strange things can happen. Here is the itinerary I would recommend for next Tuesday morning.

1. Get out of bed

2. Pour yourself a cup of coffee

3. Put a long trench coat over your jammies. Tuck the bottom of the jammies into your boots so no-one can tell you are wearing jammies - especially if they have a pink elephant pattern.

4. Go vote. We would strongly recommend voting for Republican candidates! ;) Also, remember to vote yes for Peoria. Vote Yes to "Build the Block". This will be the final ballot item and will be referred to as a Public Utility tax.

5. Spend the rest of your day resting easy that you have exercised your right to vote! Oh, and don't forget to proudly wear your "I voted" sticker, or as my kids like to call it their "I farted" sticker. :giggle:


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