Saturday, April 11, 2009

Election wrap-up. Congrats to all of our candidates...

...particularly Mayor Jim Ardis who won re-election with over 90% of the vote. Has that ever happened before?

Dan Irving won handily with nearly 80% of the vote in the 5th District. He serves my district so I'll be keeping him busy. Heh heh.

Republican Patrick Nichting is our new City Treasurer. Congratulations to Pat on a brilliant campaign.

Tim Riggenbach will serve the 3rd District, winning by a slim 13 votes over Beth Akeson. Quite the nail biter. Outstanding campaigning by both candidates.

Barbara Van Auken defeated relative newcomer Curphy Smith in a contentious campaign. Curphy did very well against an incumbent and something tells me we will be seeing more of him.

Last but definitely not least my friend and fellow blogger LAURA PETELLE won Spanglers seat on the District 150 School Board. She won in a landslide victory capturing over 50% of the vote in a 3 way race - all the while struggling through a challenging pregnancy. I am so proud of you Laura and know that you are going to get in there and make the difference we have been praying for. Folks, Laura and I working together on her campaign is proof positive that Republicans and Democrats can and should work together to serve their community. Laura's resounding victory was a clear message from the community that they are tired of misplaced priorities - that they seek a new vision and direction from someone not tainted by failed, nepotistic district policies.

And lest I forget, I was tickled at the passing of the "Build the Block" referendum. That in itself was deserving of it's own post.

Congratulations to all the candidates, to those who prevailed and did not prevail. It takes a huge personal and professional sacrifice to put your reputation on the line and run for public office. You all stepped up and were there - an act deserving of our respect and admiration and we thank you.


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